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Most of us know Nick Lachey from his boy band days, but he continues to prove that there is more to him than that!  Not only has he branched off on his own (check out this post on an interview with him about his latest album release, A Father’s Lullaby), but now he’s also joined the daddy club since welcoming his first son, Camden, last September. 

I was lucky enough to chat with him about what becoming a father means to him, and how he strives to keep the romance alive with his beautiful wife, Vanessa.  Plus, he shares a new father’s view on push presents and Mother’s Day! Check it out:

Shiloh: Good morning Nick; so glad to chat with you today! Congratulations on your gorgeous little man, Camden!  Tell me, how are you adjusting to your new role as father? Is it everything you dreamed it would be?

Nick Lachey: It is, I don’t think you can have high enough expectations to actually match what it’s like, you know? Until you’re thrown into it, you just don’t know what it’s going to be like.

Shiloh: Yes, people always say you don’t know what love is until you have a child. Before I had my child I was like, “yeah, yeah, yeah - I get it; I get it.” But once you have a kid, you realize you really had no idea!

Nick Lachey: It’s the most special relationship I think you’ll have ever have in your life, and that’s not to take anything away from your wife or your parents, but it is mind blowing how precious they are to you and how much they change everything in your life from top to bottom. It’s a lot of adjusting, but it’s all adjustments you’re excited to make.

Shiloh: What are some of the adjustments that you guys have had to make since bringing a third person into your family?

Nick Lachey: Well, I think more than anything else it’s a 24/7 job. It consumes everything you do, and again - you’re happy to make those sacrifices but you also have to balance that with keeping your relationship a priority and keeping other things in your life, like your career and all that, where they need to be. It’s just a big juggling act. You have to learn that it goes from being all about you, and all about you and your partner, to all about this little life - and you just have to make that switch.

Shiloh: So speaking of that, are there certain things that you and Vanessa have started doing to keep that romance alive while still making time for the baby?

Nick Lachey: We definitely try to do a date night every week. Once he gets to a certain age where you’re comfortable leaving him with a sitter or with a nanny or whatever, then you can take some time for yourself. That’s important to do. You have to never lose sight of what got you there to begin with - and that’s your relationship with each other. We just try to make a conscious effort to spend time together and make sure we keep each other prioritized.

Shiloh: In that realm, we all have different strengths and weaknesses in everything in life, but especially in parenting. Do you find that you do certain things better with Camden than Vanessa? Or, what’s your role vs. hers? Have you found that you’ve fallen into a little niche there?

Nick Lachey: I found that I probably get up better in the morning then she does. Morning time is my father-son bonding with him. He and I get up together and have breakfast together.

Shiloh: So you’re not afraid of changing diapers?

Nick Lachey: No, I’ve changed plenty of diapers at this point. There have been times when she’s been out of town and it’s just him and I for a couple days, and you know, it’s bath time, it’s diaper time. I’m all in! Of course, there are also times when I’ve been gone and she has to take on the full responsibility. So, we try to keep that balance. There’s something special about the morning, starting off your day together that I really cherish. It’s very cool. It’s a very cool moment for us.

Shiloh: We have a lot of members that are pregnant and a lot of them are first time parents. Is there any piece of advice - now that you’ve gone through it - what would be the one thing you would tell new fathers is the best parenting advice you’ve received?

Nick Lachey: Well actually, some of the best parenting advice that I’ve received was from my brother, ironically, who doesn’t say much of use. In this particular case, he was right on. He said you can’t really give advice because every parenting dynamic is different; every kid is different. You have to find your own way, and what works for one parent won’t work for another set of parents. You have to find your own way and figure out what works for you and for your kid. It’s really part of the fun of being a parent, figuring all that stuff out. The one thing I will say to expecting fathers is - the push present is not an option, it is a necessity. Don’t be conned into thinking that you have an option there!

Shiloh: Speaking of presents, I assume that you have some big plans for your wife’s first Mother’s Day?

Nick Lachey: I’ve been told that I set the standard for Mother’s Day. Whatever I do will be reciprocated on Father’s Day, so the pressure’s on to do something good!

Shiloh: I will tell you that it’s very important. Mother’s Day becomes the most important holiday to a woman after they’ve had kids. Obviously, you show your appreciation throughout the year, but it’s that one time of the year that you can really say thank you.

Nick Lachey: Deservedly so, the most important role that I think a woman can play is a mother. And thankfully I have a wife who loves being a mother and is very good at it. So, I will definitely pay my respects on Mother’s Day!

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