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Antonio Sabato Jr. is an American actor, born in Rome, Italy, with over 70 film and TV appearances, including roles in General Hospital, Melrose Place, The Bold and the Beautiful. Early in his career Antonio modeled Calvin Klein underwear and was Janet Jackson's close acquaintance in her Love Will Never Do (Without You) music video.

He continues to perform frequently, including a 2012 Celebrity Wife Swap episoide and The Three Stooges movie and upcoming performances in an episode of ABC's Baby Daddy and as a celebrity judge on Fox's Hell's Kitchen.

Sabato has lived in the Thousand Oaks area for eight years! Antonio, his wife, Cheryl, and two year old son, Antonio III, love living in the Conejo Valley...but more on that a bit later. I had a chance to meet with the Sabatos recently to learn about his current initiatives.

Two years ago, the Sabatos opened the Antonio Sabato Jr's Acting Academy for Children and Young Adults in Westlake Village. Antonio enjoys teaching children and young adults all aspects of the trade, from acting fundamentals and techniques to working with agents, managers and finding gigs. He currently conducts weekly classes for kids in the 8 to 10 and 11 to 17 age ranges. Antonio also gives back to the community from time to time by conducting free workshops at The Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley.

This June and July, Sabato's Acting Academy will be hosting several Summer Acting Camps for ages 8-10 (June 27-29), 11-13 (July 11-13) and 14-16 (July 18-20). Additionally, Sabato is hosting a special Celebrity Acting Camp for ages 12-16 on July 24-26. Featured guest speakers will include Virginia Madsen, Michael Dudikoff and Debbie Gibson (subject to availability). What better way to land professional work than to work with professionals! Visit for more information and to register.

I chatted with Antonio about another major undertaking. He is thrilled to be directing, starring in and co-producing his debut movie, Intikam. Intikam, Turkish for "Revenge," is a drama about an orphaned boy who is taken in by a man with a son his age, grow up, and have a falling out. Then comes betrayal...and Intikam. The screenplay, which was also co-written by Sabato, will be filmed in Istanbul, Turkey. Sabato indicates the film will have some elements of Papillon (1973) and Midnight Express (1978).

Sabato and co-executive producer Annemarie Davin have raised funds to produce the film and have cast Turkish actor Cemal Hunal and Australian actor Robert Rabiah for this unique undertaking. Sabato is particularly excited because he is auditioning students from his own academy for the female role of "Mina" in the film. Visit

Antonio recently launched his own Antonio Sabato Jr. app for both Apple iOS and Android smartphones. Although his fans can also interact with him in Twitter and Facebook, this app connects you even closer to what is going on in his life. Sabato also recently became celebrity spokesperson for international dating site

The last thing I asked Antonio and his wife Cheryl about is what they enjoy doing in the area. Antonio chimed in that Barton's Steakhouse in Simi Valley is one of their favorite dinner spots and that date nights at Cinepolis in Westlake Village are awesome. Other favorites around town include MB2 Raceway in Newbury Park, Carrara Pastries in Moorpark and Agoura, Farfalla Trattoria in Westlake Village, The Stonehaus in Westlake Village for coffee and outdoor ambience, and Paciugo Gelato at The Oaks Mall for a sweet treat.

And my favorite quote came from Cheryl, when asked what they use to find things to do around town: "Whenever we need to know of any upcoming events, camps, outdoor concerts or even updates on our community, we use Conejo Valley Guide. Anything that is family oriented we know that Conejo Valley Guide will always provide us with exactly what we are looking for."

Antonio Sabato Jr displaying a really cool cap

Cheryl Sabato (also known as Cheryl Moana Marie), is also quite a celebrity. Originally from Kauai, she is a former NFL Oakland Raiderette, Miss Kauai America, Miss Asia USA, and has appeared in over 15 national commercials for Heineken, Federal Express, General Motors, Miller Genuine Draft,  Mervyn's and others. She is also a singer, spokesmodel and interviewer. Learn more at Here she is in a 2011 IHOP commercial.

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